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  • We provide training and online certification in CPR and First Aid
  • Whether you need a certificate for your employer, state organization, or simply want to be prepared for an emergency, you came to the right place!!!
  • We follow the most recent AHA Guidelines
  • Certificates issued exclusively by the American Emergency Education Association and are valid for 2 years, choose the course on the right to proceed

Why Us?

  • One of the leading educational institutions in North America
  • Our certifications are accepted by most employers and state organizations
  • We follow the standards of Red Cross, ECC and OSHA
  • Curriculum have been researched and developed by professional instructors
  • Compare to other programs, you can be done in as little as 30-45 minutes
  • Award winning customer support, assures prompt response to your inquiry
  • Our certifications are offered instantly online and/or via mail
  • Print the Certificate and wallet size Card or have it mailed, click here for sample

What are Experts saying?

  • Recently, a group of leading medical researchers from top Universities across North America performed a marquee study using employees from American Airlines. The study conclusively showed that 20 minute course in CPR administration is as or even more effective than class room setting courses, which takes days or hours to complete. Published in USA Today, click here to read the full article


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