CPR Introduction - Adult/Child/Infant  

There are 500,000 deaths in the U.S. related to new and recurring coronary (heart) attacks.  According to data, 1,400 people die from heart attacks daily. Out of these 500,000 victims, 80% die outside the hospital setting and do not receive any immediate treatment after suffering a heart attack.  If CPR is administered right away, it would save 200,000 per year or 550 lives per day. 

These numbers are staggering and prove beyond any doubt that knowing CPR techniques in case of a heart attack usually means a difference between life and death for the victim. If CPR is administered within first four minutes after the heart attack, the chances of brain damage are virtually nonexistent.  If administered between 4 to 6 minutes, the brain damage is probable; 6 to 10 min brain damage is likely, and after 10 minutes, the chances of some type of brain damage are virtually certain.  So, knowledge of CPR does not only save lives, but also allows the victim to recover without sustaining any permanent damage.

At eCPRcertification.com, besides offering you professional certification in CPR, which might be required by your employer, the course will prepare you for this one time when your knowledge may save life. 
By the end of this section you should know how to administer CPR to the adult (age 9 years or older), child (between 1 and 8 years old), and infant (younger than one year old) and understand the key steps and reasons for performing CPR. After successful completion, you will receive a nationally recognized certificate in CPR Administration through our easy on-line registration process.